Monday, 30 January 2012

Detoxifier: hovenia dulcis

I'll gradually get in to looking at nutrients that offer benefits to cell building. The first comes from the plant, hovenia dulcis, also known as the raisin tree. Extracts from the plant are being processed into tablet and drink form and are commercially available in some parts of the world. The funny raisin-like fruit on the tree can be eaten raw, too. There's also not much information on whether there are any side effects of consuming this plant in larger quantities, or whether it is safe for pregnant women. However, there is a lot of evidence - admittedly in laboratories, so it's hard to know exactly how accurately this is reproduced in individual bodies, as well as the fact that when plants get heavily processed, we can't really be sure of how much of the nutritional value is retained - that hovenia dulcis helps detoxify the liver in particular. The key agents in this are quercetin and Dihydromyricetin. One promotional purpose for this is to help ease alcohol intoxication. Another cited benefit on this particular site by a manufacturer of hovenia dulcis capsules includes reference to the term peroxidation. This is a consequence of toxic build up within cells generally, not just those in the liver. It would seem that hovenia dulcis could provide great natural detoxification, and could therefore be beneficial in preparing the body to embark on a cellular healing process that is first preceded by detoxifying the body, with the liver as a key toxic agent-harboring organ, as cited by quite a few M.E. specialists. I've found another study on the Internet that cites testing hovenia dulcis as a natural medicine to giardiasis, a parasitic infection.

Will get some hovenia dulcis starting from tomorrow!

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