Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fibromyalgia - Overview

I'm generally not posting about fibromyalgia, since I can't claim to suffer from abnormal physical pain, thus am only generally covering issues that are primarily helping me to understanding more about the symptoms that are specific to me. However, I did come across a very informative one-and-a-half-hour YouTube video published by UCTelevision (University of California) a couple of days ago featuring a presentation by Dr. Andrew Gross, Director of UCSF Rheumatology Clinic. It seems to cover the basics - what is fibromyalgia, what are the symptoms, and some of the 'treatments' that are currently being used. It is therefore ideal for anyone new to fibromyalgia. Dr. Gross doesn't mention the theory of lack of energy supply to the muscles that might cause them to abnormally contract as mentioned by a presenter in an earlier post on this blog.

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