Saturday, 17 March 2012

Co Enzyme Q10

I've yet to look into Co-Enzyme Q10 in full detail, but I've already heard of a lot of M.E. sufferers taking this as an 'energy booster', so when I saw a discounted offer in the local health and beauty store for a 10-capsule pack from Cenovis, I decided it was time to give it a go.

The range of vitamin and mineral supplements imported into South Korea up until recently has been very narrow. And even now, there is a limit to what you can get - not to mention the tripling of the prices of the same products you would find in the West. Cenovis, a well-established Australian supplement manufacturer has now recently gained a foothold in South Korea with some of the less standard range of supplements, including CoQ10. The Cenovis website is here.

I have to admit that I'm always hesitant to take supplements that have questionable coatings. In the case of these ones, they have a bright red, possibly gelatine, possibly plant-based capsule cover. The fact that they look shiny and plasticky could point to things such as the coating even containing Bisphenol A in it. (Likewise, it was a big turn off getting a bulky environmentally-unfriendly plastic tub that was about six times the height of the level of the actual capsules inside them - a terrible waste of packaging.) Not that keen on it, so what I did with my first capsule was to bite into it and drain the liquid contents into my mouth. There wasn't that much of a taste, although I did have to swig it down a bit to clear the flavor from my mouth. I took the capsule following breakfast on Friday morning. I have thus far seem some accounts of CoQ10 causing sleeplessness, so I thought I would best avoid that if I took it early in the day.

I'm only going to initially take CoQ10 just once a week because I only have 10 capsules, and they were still fairly expensive, even when discounted. So, my plan is to spread out their consumption. I also am not yet sure what the optimum dose of CoQ10 should be. On the Cenovis website, the CoQ10 product that they currently display looks very different from mine, as you will see here. They do in fact say it's a 2-a-day dose for their capsules. But that would work out very expensive if so.

I also can't deduce my Korean-language label well enough to understand the dosage or the ingredients of the capsule coating. From the Australian website, they have a much more clearly marked label, stating 75mg of CoQ10 content. From what I gather on my Korean label, it seems to have quite a different quantity, with 100mg of CoQ10 apparently listed. That would then potentially affect the 2-a-day recommended dosage.

So, with all the info on my Cenovis CoQ10 capsules so far, did my first capsule do anything for me? The honest answer is that I didn't notice any difference in the way I felt through the rest of Friday. However, curiously, through Saturday, I kind of felt shakey, which is not at all normal for me. I wasn't physically shaking, but I felt an inner sense of being on-edge and overactivity that resulted in a heightened restlessness through the day. It was kind of like the effect of caffeine. Whether this had anything to do with the CoQ10 I took the day before, I don't know. I guess that I'm not going to notice again until I take my next capsule, so I will report back then if I notice another sensation of hyperness.

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