Friday, 2 March 2012

FM and CFS Treatment Strategies

Posted by OFFERUtah, Feb 2011.

Features N. Lee Smith, Lucinda Bateman (Principal Investigator: Phase III clinical drug trials for Forest, Pfizer, Merck), Patrick Wood, Illa Singh, Suzanne Vernon.

Summary notes:

Basic management approach to FMS/CFS:

- Treat all identifiable medical conditions

- Pacing

- Address the '4 legs of the table' - restorative sleep; mental health/stress; pain control; physical conditioning

Efficient medical care means being diagnosed and being put on the right treatment from the start, with follow-up post-monitoring. The reality is that drugs can be hit or miss and often have to be switched several times while trying to find out the right treatment.

For CFS 'diagnosis', you need to check 4 of the 8 boxes for symptoms. However, the boxes don't cover the full range and complexity of symptoms. The most important barrier to diagnosis and management of CFS patients was the lack of objective and diagnostic criteria.

More than 4,000 peer-reviewed articles about CFS have been published and indexed on PubMed by investigators from all over the world. Why are we not near a solution to CFS?

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