Friday, 2 March 2012

How Do We Solve CFS?

Posted by OFFERUtah, Nov 2010. Presented by Suzanne Vernon, PhD, from the 2010 OFFER Conference. Dr. Vernon is Scientific Director at CFIDS Association of America.

Summary notes:

Science and medicine has not taken advantage of technology in the same way as other industries.

Biomarkers - anything that can be used as an indicator of a particular disease state or some other biological state of an organism. There can be more than one biomarker in any condition. E.g., blood sugar is a common biomarker that can indicate the presence of diabetes. Blood pressure is another biomarker.

Potential biomarkers in CFS:
blood - NK cell function, Rnase
brain - metabolic and function differences
autonomic nervous system - blood flow and signalling difference
endocrine - low cortisol
infections - EBV, XMRV, Lyme, HHV6

Why do we not have ready-made over-the-counter easy tests to help us keep these biomarkers in check? The given answer: In M.E., there are multiple conditions goin on, plus some of the biomarkers only show up as marginally off-track.

What is needed to solve CFS? > Standard operating procedures.

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