Friday, 2 March 2012

XMRV and Human Diseases: Prostate cancer & CFS

Video uploaded by OFFERUtah, Nov 10, 2010. Presented by Illa Singh, MD, from OFFER 2010 Healthcare Provider's Conference.

Summary notes from the video:

XMRV - Xenotropic murine-leukemia related retrovirus.

HIV is the most well-known retrovirus.

A retrovirus has a reverse process of flowing backward from RNA to DNA. Thus the DNA in new cells will always contain elements of the retrovirus.

A xenotropic virus. Mice often have murine-leukemia viruses. But they are not born with them. They acquire the virus from other mice.

Retroviruses acquire mutations all the time. Therefore they are apt to be drug resistant, and it explains how they can jump between species.

Dr. Singh initially looked at XMRV in prostate cancer cases.

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