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Reminder for the potential of vaccine hazads - The Origin of AIDS

This documentary was uploaded to YouTube by thx1138mindlock, Mar 2010. The documentary seems to have been produced earlier than that. Original credit appears to go to CBC, for their Witness edition of THE ORIGIN OF AIDS. There are a number of other shorts about M.E. on thx1138mindlock's channel, which are very interesting to watch.

HIV is not M.E. or C.F.S. However, in the light of watching a number of videos on the theory that the XMRV virus could be responsible for a number of M.E. cases, and with the regular comment that it's not known how it crossed over to humans (the XMRV virus is typically found in mice - a common lab animal for medical research, as well as being noted as a retrovirus, and just one of three retroviruses known to infect humans, curiously to this thread, HIV being one of the others), one does wonder about a link to how the HIV virus is thought to have stemmed from a polio vaccine, and how vaccines are thought to play a role in triggering some M.E. cases. More specifically, the polio vaccine as discussed in the embedded documentary, was administered as a live vaccine - ie. stems from living tissue culture. Today, there are a number of other vaccines that are administered 'live'.

A live vaccine does provide a very plausible potential risk element of a viral code mutating if the source of the vaccine has not been totally vetted. Other types of vaccines that are flagged for concern are human immunoglobulin vaccines. These are vaccines that contain an element of human blood plasma. In my own case, my own M.E. stems somewhere between a virus that seemed to be broncho-pneumonia-like, followed by a secondary infection, then a set of routine vaccinations, BUT also one non-routine one which I had forgotten all about until very recently: hepatitis B, for a visit to Eastern Europe in 1996, which was made from immunoglobulin.

Questions are currently raised about the potential for transmitting diseases such as M.E. through immunoglobulin vaccines. Prions are also another biological agent that can be transmitted in immunoglobulin. [Wikipedia: A prion is an infectious agent composed of protein in a misfolded form. This is in contrast to all other known infectious agents (virus/bacteria/fungus/parasite) which must contain nucleic acids (either DNA, RNA, or both).] Coincidentally (?), "prions cause neurodegenerative disease by aggregating extracellularly within the central nervous system to form plaques known as amyloid, which disrupt the normal tissue structure." (Wiki quote again). Now, I'm by no means an immunologist, but has it ever been hypothesized that prions, which can be transmitted through ingesting meat products ('mad cow disease' has been the most well-known of these), could also be responsible for some cases of M.E.?

A bit more from Wiki on prion-induced diseases:

All known prion diseases, collectively called transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs), are untreatable and fatal. A vaccine has been developed in mice, however, that may provide insight into providing a vaccine in humans to resist prion infections. Additionally, in 2006 scientists announced that they had genetically engineered cattle lacking a necessary gene for prion production – thus theoretically making them immune to BSE ... Many different mammalian species can be affected by prion diseases, as the prion protein (PrP) is very similar in all mammals. Due to small differences in PrP between different species it is unusual for a prion disease to be transmitted from one species to another. The human prion disease variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, however, is believed to be caused by a prion which typically infects cattle, causing Bovine spongiform encephalopathy and is transmitted through infected meat.

We see the same label used in M.E. as for prion diseases - 'encephalopathies'. Further to that, prion disease in deer and moose is also called 'Chronic wasting disease' - that surely sounds like a mirror description for the more severe M.E. cases. I'm letting my hypothesizing running away with me a bit here, but another curio that could link M.E. to prion diseases is that if the prion disease that we do know in humans was linked to beef consumption, how many times has it been cited about how processed and chemically altered our food is today, and how many times has it been mentioned that M.E. seems to be a relatively recent disease? Just a coincidence? Prion diseases also apparently can't be easily detected (as I glean from reading the Wiki entry further down.) Maybe we are not looking exactly at prions as exhibited in mad cow disease. Mad cow disease in humans doesn't appear to have emerged on the same scale as was feared it could back in the 80's, but maybe we haven't seen a direct expression as mad cow disease in humans, but a parallel variation with a similar causal source, that results in a similar muscular degenerative condition. All of this is my speculation, and I will need to look in to whether any research papers have ever linked prion diseases with M.E. before.

Anyways - going back to the origin of AIDS video that I have embedded here. Here are the video summary notes:

The main claim which this documentary backs is that polio vaccines were cultured in chimpanzee kidneys and administered to over a million Africans. This correlates with the first appearance of AIDS.

Uganda, formerly part of the Belgian Congo in the 1950's, was medically fairly developed, and provided a ripe testing ground for the polio vaccine, as two immunologists, Dr. Hilary Koprowsky and Dr. Sabin, battled it out to compete who could provide a superior vaccine to Dr. Jonas Salk's formula against polio, following 11 deaths from vaccination with Salk's vaccine to a group of US children in April 1955.

A scandal errupted as Dr. Koprowsky was found to be testing his live polio vaccine on handicapped children in Letchworth Village, New York. Dr. Koprowsky moved into the private sector, where there was ample support to continue to pilot alternative polio vaccines. While Dr. Sabin had access to testing his vaccine in Soviet states, Dr. Koprowsky went into Africa. Dr. Koprowsky's vaccine was a live oral vaccine, as contrasted with the injected vaccine of Salk. Based in Leopoldville, which is today's Kinshasaa, some one million Africans were given the vaccine.

Sabin claimed to have found evidence that Kaprowsky's vaccine was unstable, and contaminated with a virus. Sabin's vaccine was declared safer and was chosen to officially replace the Salk vaccine over Kaprowsky's. However, the damage was already done.

An ongoing cover up of actual events may never conclude for sure whether AIDS can definitively be linked to Kaprowsky's vaccine in Africa. Kaprowsky says that only macaques were used in the development of the vaccine. Other reports interview those still on the ground in Kinshasaa who worked in the Kaprowsky laboratory compounds. They vouch for chimpanzees having been used. They describe how the chimps were dazed, and then their kidneys and livers carefully removed and preserved as living tissue for use in the laboratory. These chimp livers were easily obtainable in the region, and provided an ideal substrate to foster the polio vaccine and keep it 'live' for practical use. Other countries were not using chimpanzee organs to culture their vaccines, hence the reason why not every one globally who received the polio vaccine also got AIDS. The chimpanzee organs were never considered at the time to be carriers of the fatal virus that would become HIV and end up becoming a worldwide concern.

Overall, this is a chilling reminder of how money and ambitions can sometimes make it hard for medical policies and practices to be transparent to the end user. Remember to question vaccination sources and ask whether there is enough long-term test evaluation data to make them safe for administration to you.

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