Friday, 25 May 2012

Candida and Leaky Gut

Continuing on the Candida trail, which as mentioned in earlier posts, can be a cause or a result of M.E.

The growth of Candida, and the formation of spores and hyphe on the gut wall, can lead to leaky gut.

The following information comes from:

Leaky gut can be tested for by: A solution of 2 non-metabolizable sugars is consumed. One of these sugars is normally absorbed by the intestinal mucosa, the other is not. Urine is collected for several hours after drinking the solution. The urine is analyzed by a laboratory. When the normally non-absorbed sugar is found at high concentration in the urine, this indicates leaky gut. If the normally absorbed sugar is found to be lacking in the urine, this is a sign of malabsorption.

Removing candida doesn't heal leaky gut in itself. A multi-approach is needed.

When the gut is inflammed, as it is when candida and leaky gut are present, it does not absorb nutrients and foods properly, so fatigue and bloating can occur. when the gut is inflamed, the carrier proteins are damaged, so nutrient deficiencies occur, which can also cause a range of symptoms. No matter how many supplements you take to overcome nutrient deficiencies, little benefit will be gained if you cannot properly absorb these nutrients.

In the case of candida and leaky gut, foods to avoid include: caffeine, cocoa, fermented foods including soy sauce, tofu, and vinegar, highly-refined sugar foods, and antibiotics.

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