Saturday, 26 May 2012

New Approaches to Digestive Disorders - Alice Bradshaw

Presentation given by Alice Bradshaw, Solgar Technical Director. Posted to YouTube by Nutricentre, May 2012.

Summary notes: The colon is the seat of health.

Many doctors just recommend taking more fiber to help ease IBS. This is the wrong approach, since fiber and slow-to-digest foods can slow down the digestive process.

Specialists would look for a clearer cause for the IBS - leaky gut, candida, low stomach acid, dysbiosis, intestinal bacteria growth, crohns, colitis, h-pylori.

Refers to Book: A New IBS Solution - The book reckons that 84% of IBS patients have small intestine bacterial overgrowth. This has an effect eyond the u -ends upaffecting the wole body.

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