Saturday, 19 May 2012


(above: I bought half a kilo of dried hovenia dulcis. I've been adding it to hot water and taking it as a drink. I can't say I notice any obvious effects - except that the shopfloor staff laughed when they saw the product in my basket... Apparently, it's just too well known as a hangover detox rather than a more general detoxifier.)

I've been off Blogger for a while because I've been ridiculously busy at work. I've been pulling seven day weeks since the end of February which is not the wisest thing to do, but there is little choice if I want to stay in the job. I had a crash a couple of weeks back that saw my IBS return for a week - it's been largely absent for the past 18 months or so). I really need to make a decision soon on how much longer I continue with my current job. So far, I've never made it past the 3 year mark in any job I've had. Every job has ended because of burn out. My advice is that if you can work, to save all that you can. Live frugally on everything except food. That way you can hopefully have some financial cushion in order to be able to take a break from working when you really need it. Better yet, win the lottery.

I've just completed my one-a-week Co-Enzyme Q10 supplement this past week. I can't claim I've noticed any effect from that, either. My sleep has been reasonable, though. I've been managing to get four or five hours of sleep in a row before I wake up - usually because of some motor engine starting up outside my window in the early hours of the morning. I've now gotten in to the routine of wearing a headband to cover my eyes when I sleep. I've found that blacking out the bedroom as much as you can at night does help.

I'm also hoping to go for a hair mineral analysis test. I'm not sure how much it's going to cost, or how extensive the results will be, but it's something I want to invest in at least once. I haven't been taking any multi-vitamin/mineral supplements for at least six months now, so I'd be curious to see if I've been doing okay without them. I have a strong suspicion I have a magnesium deficit because I'm really jumpy, and that has also apparently been evidenced in several scientific studies. I literally jump when anyone comes through the door, and I even jumped the other day at my pants which were hanging in the shower nozzle to dry off. :(

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